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Madagascar’s Treasures

In Madagascar Nine out of the ten species of flora fauna are native to Madagascar. They are only found in Madagascar and only in Madagascar. While looking through pictures taken during a trip in 2017, I am brought back to this reality. The fourth-largest Island in the globe, Madagascar evolved several ecosystems and many species after breaking apart from Africa around one hundred million years back. It will take a long time for a nature photographer to fully appreciate its abundance of flora fauna. A mountain range that runs north-south across its middle, divides Madagascar into various climate zones: humid to the east and dry in west and dry towards the southern part of the island. Each zone has its own unique biodiversity. We explored the southern and eastern ecosystems including the forests in Andasibe along with the spiny rainforest of the deserts in the south. After driving for several hours from the capital Antananarivo we arrived at Andasibe in the evening, just befor